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Step Forward

I love my son. He was an awesome man. I’m not going to lie to you, he had his struggles. But at 22, we all have gone through that (or will go through it).

But he was striving to be more. He wanted to be a game designer. He would talk endlessly about games…. at times, I would only catch every third word of what he was saying. I’d give anything to hear him talking now.

As his “fall back” job, he was considering becoming a teacher. He’d found he could explain things to people in ways they could understand. He was so proud of this new found ability.

He loved his family, and all people as a whole. Overall, he was shy, but once he warmed up to you, there was nothing he wouldn’t do for you.

My son was stabbed somewhere outside of our home. Somehow, he found his way home… to his safe haven…. to me.

He didn’t deserve to die like this. We don’t deserve to hurt like this.

Someone knows something. SOMEONE knows what happened in the early hours of 7/27/2013.

Someone came home with blood on their hands and clothing. They are acting strange.

PLEASE: if you know something, call 816-474-TIPS

Gwen Carver

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