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Drinking and Driving

December 30, 2013

Dear Corey’s friends and loved ones;

I remember sitting at the kitchen table with the Detective the night Corey was attacked. He asked me if it was normal for Corey to park his car in front of our home and walk to where he and his friends would hang out.

“Of course it is normal! Corey doesn’t drink and drive. If he was going to have some alcohol with his friends, he would park the car and walk to wherever they were drinking.” He looked at me strangely.

I should have known then that the detective wasn’t used to responsible young men. Corey was responsible. He didn’t want to hurt or kill himself or anyone else.

I know that there are a lot of Corey’s friends that read this page. And I’m going to ask something from all of you.

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. I know you will probably be partying with your friends. And I know you want to have some fun. Believe it or not, I was once young too, and I understand this.

On the night Corey died, he parked his car so no one would get hurt because of his drinking and driving.

In Honor of Corey, please don’t drink and drive. Get a designated driver. Give your keys to someone else. Spend the night where you are partying. Or if you need a ride, call your parents, or another person that loves you and wants you to come home.

And if you get into a situation where you are unsafe, do not hesitate to call for help!!

Please don’t cause your parents and loved ones to feel the pain I feel every day. You can control this.

Let’s all enter safely into 2014. Corey would want it that way.

Love, Shelley.

Gwen Carver

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