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You know, I never wanted to be strong or to inspire anyone. I still don’t understand why people say I am.

When I went to high school, my goals were:
a) Keep mom off my back
b) Get through with the least amount of work possible
c) Become a house wife and mom.

College was so far off my radar, I never even took an ACT or SAT test. I graduated with a 1.97 GPA and 33rd from the bottom of my class.

When I realized my Prince Charming wasn’t going to come whisk me off my feet and take me away from my life of drudgery (cough) I had a long talk with my mom. To be honest, she talked, and I kind of listened. She said “Get a job and move out, or go to college! This sitting around the house crap’s gotta stop!”

So I went to college to get her off my back. I even decided what course to take because Human Services didn’t require math. Sad, eh?

After my 2 years were up at Longview, I still had to face the “get a job and move out” dilemma. So I opted to continue my education at UCM (CMSU to us old folk). The rent was free, and it kept me from having to face the real world.

I still wanted to be a housewife and mother. I was just going to be a smart one, I suppose. When I met Terry, I thought he might be my way out. So I married him.

Then I had Corey my junior year.

I looked into his sweet face, and I realized what my mother had wanted for me all along. To be happy and be the best I could be. I knew because now that is all I wanted for my son. I knew then that the only way Corey would be able to do this was to see me be successful.

Then Justin and Josh came along. With each child my feelings intensified.

If my children were to learn love, it would be through watching me. If they needed to know how to keep going, they would learn by watching me. I took on challenges I thought I’d never meet. I got my black belt, wrote a book, got my MSOD. And during hard times, I’ve waited tables and thrown newspapers.

I stood up against injustice, helped people back on their feet, and always (ALWAYS) because I envisioned those that I’ve helped as my own son.

I’m a mom. I am no stronger than any other mom out there.

I do not act so that I can inspire others. I act because my children need to know how to handle life and all of its pressures.

I act so I can teach my boys there are some things in life worth fighting for… Especially them.

Gwen Carver

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