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New Year’s Resolution

I haven’t forgotten that yesterday marked 5 months since my son was murdered.

He wasn’t here to see his 23rd birthday.
He missed his brothers’ birthdays.
He missed my birthday.
Thanksgiving dinner was served, but his chair remained empty.
Christmas presents have been opened, and put into use.
New Year’s Eve is quickly arriving.
Corey won’t see that either.

There are three people that should be feeling bad about this (besides us).

The person that killed my son.
The person that knows who killed my son (and hasn’t spoken up).
And the person that is investigating his murder but hasn’t found the culprit.

Because they are still celebrating with their families while we live with this 24 hours a day.

May 2014 be the year we find this murderer. Happy New Year

Gwen Carver

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