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I’ve been debating for 2 weeks now… tree or no tree? The big one up in the attic or the little one I’ve used for the last 2 years.

I’ve been watching as my friends all post the pictures of their trees. And they are beautiful…

But when I think of putting up mine, I am reminded of a tradition I’ve had since Corey was born… I’ve bought an ornament for each of my boys for the last 23 years.

Then there are the many hand-made ornaments they’ve made for me. Pictures in hand made frames. Paper angels. Snowflakes. And the ones we made together.

There are more that were made for the boys by my sisters and brother in law. Corey’s name carved in wood, or cross-stitched into a stocking… And the ones I made when we had no money at all, but I had cloth, plastic, and a glue gun.

Every box holds memories for me. Even the process of getting them down from the attic involved Corey… he was the only one brave enough to climb the shaky ladder into the darkness.

This year, I will be using the smaller tree with traditional ornaments.

Maybe next year I will be stronger.

Gwen Carver

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