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Why Do I Keep Fighting?

Some days, I wonder why I am fighting so hard to find Corey’s killer. It seems so dismal when the police say, “Still nothing”. I had an interview with the KC Star last night, and he asked me why it was so important to find Corey’s killer.

I told him:
1) Corey deserves Justice
2) I want my other boys to feel safe again
3) I want my neighborhood to be safe again
4) I want the killer off the street so he won’t do this again.

I thought about it later, and I realized it’s not just that. Its not all because I am so giving to my community and to my children. There is some selfishness that comes into play.

I want my son back.

And if I can’t have him back, then his killer shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy the life he/she took from my son. Not one more free day. Not one more video game. Not one more Facebook post. Not one more home made meal. Not one more sitcom. Not ONE more hug from his/her mother!!!

My son was a good kid. I miss him! This is why I keep fighting.

Gwen Carver

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