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I Miss Your Hugs.

Today is the 11 month anniversary of Corey’s attack and 11 months without knowing who killed him.

As you can tell, time has not silenced me. It won’t even after we’ve reached the one year mark. And if we continue to search for Corey’s murderer for 2 years, 3 years…4…5…6… 10… or 20, if I am alive, I will still be part of the search. I’ll still be seeking answers.

It’s not above or beyond what any mom or dad would do. I’m just more outspoken than some I suppose. Some parents are so hurt by the loss of their child they are unable to move or function. I choose to keep going, the other option is too painful to imagine.

The other day I was informed that July 31st I will be losing my job due to budget cuts. As my boss told me, I found myself unmoved by the news.

She asked me, “Are you OK?”

I looked at her and said, “You know, the worst thing that could have ever happened to me has already happened. I am still here. I’ll survive this too.”

In my mind, all I could think was, “This will give me more time to work on Corey’s Network.”

During this final month counting down the first year, I want to share with you the reasons I love Corey.

Tonight I will tell you about his hugs. Corey had a way of hugging you that drained all of the hurt out of you. It was warm, sincere, and from the heart.

He didn’t give them away easily. If he didn’t want to give you a hug, you weren’t going to get one. So when you received one, you knew he loved you.

He would sneak up behind his younger brother and squeeze him and lift him off the ground. His way of giving special attention to his little brother… even though his “little” brother had outgrown him.

Corey- Tonight, on the 11th month after your murder, I miss your hugs.

Gwen Carver

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