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Things I’ve Learned Since You Left…

A year ago, I started this page to pay honor to my son Corey, his life, what he meant to his family, and what he meant to me.

What I’ve learned about my son in the process has been amazing! I’ve learned that he:

1. “Was generous to a fault”. When he was at school, if someone needed help or needed to use his computer or his books, he always helped.

2. “Was a gentleman”. Always held the door open for those coming in behind him

3. “Was protective”. When men “hit on” his married cousin while they were out one night, he’d walk over and put his arm around her and walk away with her.

4. “Was a good listener”. He made time to listen when you needed him to.

5. “Gave the BEST hugs”. He’d walk up and wrap his arms around you and hug you so hard it would lift you off the ground. No one could ever hug like him.

6. “Was the best camera dodger on earth”. 95% of the pictures we have of him have his face covered.

7. “Was the one that made mom’s clover necklaces”. A Mother’s Day tradition at our home.

8. “Was the one that ate all the sour cream”… this is actually quite bizarre… we were going through a tub every 2 weeks… now we’ve had the same tub in the fridge for a year (yes I threw it out)… but I digress.

9. “Was forgiving”. Forgave the ones he loved over and over and over and over… and over… and over… and over. Whether they deserved it or not.

10. “Believed in Gay Rights, Women’s Rights, and the Rights of all to be free of abuse”. I learned this when I gained access to his Facebook account and saw which pages he liked and read some of his conversations.

The most important thing I learned is that he’d grown up to honor ME.

All of the lectures I’d given him.
All of the times I’d said, “Hold the door for her!”.
All of the times I’d been angry with him as he grew, and didn’t raise my hand to him… and furthermore forgave him within the hour.

He’d listened— and he’d just begun to really put them all to use. He was an amazing young man and was going to be even MORE AMAZING!

ALL of this… was stolen one year ago today. Tomorrow will be one year since he died…T but the theft of his life really started a year ago today, didn’t it?

To the person who took Corey from me: I won’t rest until you pay me for what you’ve taken from me.

I hope you understand: If I say I’m going to do something, I will.

There is no statute of limitations for murder in Missouri. If the murderer is a juvenile… It would be better for someone to come forward now than when they are an adult. I’m just being honest.

Gwen Carver

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