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Meet Corey

Meet Corey:

We’ve recently had a big influx of readers, so I thought I’d let you know a little about Corey. I can tell you a few things about him, but what I’d tell you would be biased… I am his mom, and moms have a habit of seeing their children through rose colored glasses, right? So instead, I’ll let you meet Corey through his own words. This is cut from his page…

“About Corey.
—I love music… It helps me when I’m struggling, and down.
—I’ve been through multiple types of defensive and offensive training.
—I’m going to Wright Career College (WCC) right now, I am going for PCT (Personal Computer Technician)
* I DID want to be in law enforcement, but that ship has sailed after some… stuff. (Side note from Shelley “mom”- when he went into the military, he realized he didn’t want to kill anyone or be killed- that’s the “stuff” he’s referring to)
* I WANT a job that’ll be good for me in the long run…
—I’ve got amazing friends and family that have been here for me though all my life’s ups and downs, and I extremely appreciate them for that.
*I’ve got a pretty huge family… They’re a handful, but they’re awesome and I would never give them away for anything.
*I don’t honestly have that many TRUE friends, but the ones I do have ARE extremely incredible… Thank you, guys…
—I REALLY WANT a Husky (Female, and named Naomi)… I’ve always wanted one. They’re loyal and FLUFFAY!!
—I enjoy fun things…(Skating, Dancing, Bowling, Movies, Games [Video, board, and arcade], Fairs, Worlds Of Fun type things, etc.) but honestly who doesn’t…
— I’m a tad-bit weird… And I enjoy it when people can be weird with me. My family is NUTZ, but that is totally okay by me…

— Well… Anything else ya wanna know just ask… I’m right here… Peace”

He was just a 22 year old kid. Struggling with 22 year old stuff. Trying to find his way in life. He was going to college, and working at Jimmy John’s to pay for gas and the bills he’d accumulated along the way.

Wright graduated him posthumously with his Associates in PCT. I was there to accept his degree.

He’d never been in trouble, never been involved with the police… we aren’t that type of family. Like he said, he wanted to be a cop until he realized he may have to kill someone or could get killed himself.

He was walking within two blocks of our home… the same house he’d lived in for 15 years. He had parked his car in front of our home and walked our neighborhood hundreds of times before.

He felt safe.

Something we no longer feel.

I wish you could have known him when he was here. He was an awesome kid.

He is my son.

Gwen Carver

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