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Still important!

Today marks 14 months since Corey Daniel Laykovich was murdered.

I was curious what I’d written one year ago, and found a post describing how I had to take a break from all outside contact for the weekend (per Bob’s request).

I remember being exhausted. I remember how worried Bob was that I was going to end up in the hospital. He’d grounded me from the internet and my phone for an entire weekend.

I know that sometimes he still feels the same way…

But here I am still fighting for Corey. His murderer is STILL out there. It is NO LESS important today than it was a year ago that we find him/her!!!!

There is some MONSTER in our community that heartlessly killed my son!

This monster took him from a family and friends that LOVED him! They saw him as a singular target, but we see him as a larger part of our world!!

Parents still mourn him and search for answers. Siblings still miss him. Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins still cry and try to make sense of his untimely death. Grandparents still deal with the thoughts that they should never have buried their grandson!!

Have you EVER tried to explain to a 9 year old why his cousin was murdered? Or tried to explain to him that though it has happened to his cousin, it more than likely won’t happen again to anyone in his family?? He can’t understand this. Especially with the murderer STILL ON THE STREET!!

And I’m still struggling for some sort of control. I write or talk to the investigators weekly (sometimes more). I write on this page at least once a week… even if I’m too sad or busy with Corey’s Network, Inc. I still at least post a meme of how I’m feeling that week.

I’m going to college, have started a non-profit (with a wonderful board of directors- I can’t take all of the credit!), and stayed in the media.

And somehow, my family and I are still here. We are surviving this tragedy.

Because you can take Corey’s life, be we are reclaiming Corey’s name.

I’m getting stronger. Our family is getting stronger. And when (not IF- WHEN) we find who did this, we will claim victory.

And you will watch from your jail cell as we live our life enjoying this victory…

And YOU will only cross our mind when we need to show up for your parole hearings.

Gwen Carver

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