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How did I get here?

Two years ago I was planning a weekend get away with Bob.

Tonight, I’m writing a press release for my murdered son’s candle vigil.

I look back on my life and wonder how I arrived at this point.

It’s almost like I got on a train with the understanding it would bring me home, and instead I was dropped in the middle of a strange land and told I could never go home. Most of the sights and sounds are familiar, but everything is different.

So now I’m planning a two year vigil because we still have not received justice for my murdered son after TWO YEARS! How does this happen?

In this day of security cameras, traffic cameras, store cameras, DNA testing, anonymous TIPS lines, and all other types of forensic evidence… HOW do crimes like this go unsolved???

I’m not stupid. I’m actually overeducated if we want to get down to brass tacks. I know that CSI, Criminal Minds, and all of the other crime shows speed up their processes and exaggerate the intelligence of investigators…

But SHIT! When does it become enough????
Will there be a third year vigil in hopes of justice?
A fourth?
A tenth????

There is a person out there that killed my son.
They are walking around free.
I am not walking around free…
I am locked up in this unfamiliar life that I did not choose.

Why am I the one in prison, while a murderer walks free?

Dammit! If you know something, SET ME FREE!
Give my son JUSTICE!
Have the guts to speak up!!!!

Gwen Carver

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