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I don’t see the humor

I need to say something, even if no one listens but me. This is not aimed at anyone, so please don’t respond defensively.
I don’t like the way we say “Kill” so easily. Like “I could just kill him!”

I don’t think it’s funny to post pictures that say your best friend will help you hide the body. I don’t think it’s cute to say you can release stress by killing people.

I could go on, but I think you understand. Making violence of ANY kind a joke is NOT HUMOROUS!!

The day my son was killed I remember posting a picture that I thought was hilarious. It said something about randomly texting a friend and saying, “Its done, now where should I put the body?’ My cousin Mike and I thought it was funny, and I actually texted that to him…

When Corey was attacked hours later I wanted to vomit.

Have we grown so cold that we have to minimize the words like “murder”, “kill”, “shoot”, and “stab”? Just so we don’t have to feel their full effect?

Is violence SO normal in our society that we can watch it go on every day and we can justify it in our minds? Sweeping it away with a joke or a sarcastic saying?

Keep in mind that when you post these jokes, all a mother like me sees is the violent word…

I don’t see the humor.

Gwen Carver

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