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I want you back


I want to hear your laugh.
That deep earthy laugh…
Where you’d hold your stomach
And tears would roll down your cheeks.

I want to listen to AC/DC in my truck with you
And head bang at the stop lights
While the people in the cars next to us stare
Or honk because the light turned green

I want to watch you make Raman noodles
And heap it with sour cream
And cheese and hot sauce
And watch your brothers gross out while you eat it.

I want to try to wake you up for work or school
And listen as you tell me
To “Go Away… I’m tired!”
And watch you shove your pillow over your head.

I want to see you smile.
I want to hear you grumble.
I want to get a text from you
Telling me to look at the person beside me.

I want one more inside joke.
I want to celebrate your 25th birthday!
I want to hold your child!!
I want to know the person you were going to be.

When I held you in my arms
The day I gave birth to you
I made so many plans for you
What I wanted you to be when you grew up…

None of them included you being dead.

I want you back, Corey.

I want you back.

Gwen Carver

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