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Just my opinion

Here I am again. Questioning how the world works. Why some people are given “justice” while others wait.

I don’t wish others didn’t get justice, that’s not what I mean at all. I just wonder how the choices are made by man or destiny or whomever is in charge… who gets justice, and who gets to sit in their home wondering who killed their child and why?

For example, an American woman halfway around the world is attacked by someone hidden under layers of black cloth. In a country where ALL women are covered in layers of black cloth. It’s not like anyone can say “Oh… she went that way!!… She was the one wearing black!!” And in 24 hours, they’ve already identified her killer and have her in custody???

But here I am with a son killed practically in my front yard… in an area covered in security cameras, houses, and people that have pinpointed enough information we can tell you almost everything about the attack… but 16 months later we still have nothing??? NOTHING?

Now I understand that my police department doesn’t have access to all of the information that the military and FBI has, but DAMMIT what makes any person’s life more important than someone else’s?

Why is her murder more deserving of being solved than Corey’s??

For that matter, why should anyone have to wait if they can solve a murder on the other side of the earth within 24 hours????

Just my opinion.

Gwen Carver

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