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A Note from Jan

This was written by Corey’s kidney and pancreas recipient.

Please read. You know my thoughts, but now you can know hers.

Keep in mind that she is completely blind. Every word, every comma, period, and exclamation point was spoken into her phone, then replayed to check for accuracy. This was truly a work of love.


You never met me, and I never met you but we came together through tragedy! When you left this world, you gave new life to me so that I could remain here and be healthier than I ever have been! You restored good life to me, and gave me back to my Family to remain in their lives, so I could be the best person I could be! You gave me some of your bad habits, but also blessed me with some new good things! Four instance, you blessed me with your bad habits of clenching your teeth, and chewing your nails back to nothing! That was one bad habit I had long ago as a child, that came back to me 10 fold! I also received your curly hair, and I truly enjoy that. It also keeps me from spending an extra $200 or more a year in perms! I have met your mother, your brothers, your aunts, uncles, cousins, and many more members of your family and I truly enjoy each and every one of them! I know you were very much loved, and they have truly embraced me with love and I know you felt so much of when you were here with all of them. I have not written anything on this page as of yet, but I figured tonight it was about time! Your mother is a very special, loving, caring person who misses you with every part of her living soul. You are my guardian angel, and I am your mothers angel here on earth! You have some big shoes to fill, and I am not trying to fill those, I am just trying to be in your families lives and I could never even start to know what they are going through, and how they feel about what happened to you. I am being supportive of them, and I am so so blessed to have gotten your organs, and to have been embraced by your whole family like I have been! I could not have asked for a better donor family then the one that I got!! I will keep this short, but I wanted to post this. I know you are deeply missed, and we are very much loved! I think I can speak for your entire family when I say this, but no one could ever take your place in your family because you fit you and your family like a puzzle piece! And without you in their lives now, that missing piece of the puzzle, will always remain there. I can see the hesitant smile, the tears filling her eyes, and the cracking of her voice when she speaks of you! You will always be missed, and always be loved and even though I never knew you, I share my love with you as does your family! Love always, Your pancreas and Kidney Recipient! Love Always, Jan C

Gwen Carver

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