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Sign me “Disappointed Again”.

Last week was hard.

As Josh and I were going through a driving lesson, I received a phone call no mom ever wants to relay to her son. Josh’s father died.

Here’s this young man… still healing from the murder of his brother… now dealing with the death of his father.

How do you help a 17 year old understand these type of losses? He seems to be handling the death of his father better than the death of his brother. Probably because it’s more natural for us to lose a parent than a sibling. Even more so because he knows how his dad died… he has no clue how Corey died… or why.

Then after driving 5 hours to and from Cape Girardeau (for the funeral) we received a “tip” on Corey’s case.

We were so excited. Tips are few and far between at this point in the case!

But it turned out that the “tip” was a false lead.

Sometimes people think they are helping, by giving information that isn’t true… or they only have half of the story.

But in those cases, all that does is build up our hope and then break us down.

It hurts more than waiting for a real tip.

Please… to anyone out there that wants to give a false tip/lead to the police… keep it to yourself!
Don’t do that to a family that has already lost their loved one!
Don’t waste the time of the police.

Just don’t do it.

I’m not talking about someone that really believes what they are saying. By all means, SPEAK UP if you believe what you are saying!!

But if you are doing it for the attention, or to be a hero… Skip it!

Sign me Disappointed again.

Gwen Carver

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