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You can’t hold me down!

Two years seven months ago my world changed forever.

For the police, Corey’s case is cold.

But not to me.

It sears my heart with a flame I cannot explain…

It drives me to search harder. Look deeper. To try with all my might to find the person that killed my son.

I’m not allowed to knock on the doors of the apartment complex where Corey was killed. Some BS about trespassing on private property.

But they can’t stop me from sending mail to every person in that complex, can they? (The answer to that is no)

So, on this day… the 31st month of Corey’s murder… everyone in the apartment complex where my son was murdered received a personally addressed post card offering the reward, showing Corey’s pictures, and a personal letter from me on the back.

Don’t tell me I can’t do something.

Corey is my son. I’ll fight for him even 31 months after he died!

Pray someone comes forward.

Gwen Carver

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