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Lighting a Candle

Today another mass murder was carried out. This time in Brussels. There have been 2 more in the month of March, both in Turkey (they weren’t as well publicized).

The further we get from the day of Corey’s murder, the more we see the murders being committed around us every day.

Not just those that are committed here in the Metropolitan area, but those that are carried out throughout the USA, and furthermore throughout the world.

We are murdering each other in our streets, in our homes, and in “wars” daily.

We find a new reason every day. One day it is the color of our skin, the next it’s what God we choose to worship. Worse yet is when we kill each other because someone looked at us funny.

I do not remember being taught a good time to ever kill anyone. In MY eyes, there is never a good time or good excuse to kill someone!

I don’t remember when this change came.

I think it was when we quit teaching our children “killing is wrong”… and began teaching our children “don’t kill because you might get busted”.

I don’t know the answer.
If I did, maybe Corey would be alive.
If there was an answer,
maybe today’s bombing wouldn’t have happened.

Tonight I light a candle for the people in Brussels,
And the people in Turkey that I just learned about…
And the people at war…
And the police that are being murdered because people blame them for the violence…
And for the murder victims that are falling in our streets…

And for an answer.

Gwen Carver

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