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Portrait of a Loving Family

Right before Corey graduated from high school, I asked to get pictures with my three sons as my Mother’s Day gift. The pictures turned out beautiful, but this one has always been my favorite!

What the camera caught were the angelic smiles of my loving sons. And yes, they were full of love… spontaneous, happy smiles were caught for sure!

But what the camera couldn’t catch was what the boys were doing!

There was a monitor where they could see themselves as they posed. As the lady painstakingly posed them, Corey said, “Oh my gosh! We look like the Addams Family!”

His brothers started to crack up, and they all began humming the theme to “The Addams Family” and snapping behind my back!

All while they smiled their sweetest, most innocent smiles… except Corey maybe. His smile always gave him away.

On Mother’s day, I’m torn between tears and smiles.
I am the mother of one young man that was murdered.
And I’m the mother of two very living young men.

I still love them all equally.

I’m so blessed to be their mom.

I wouldn’t give up one moment.

Even the ones that hurt.

Gwen Carver

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