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Thou Shall Not Kill

This week we rolled out our new wrist band. It’s a simple statement, but one it seems we’ve forgotten.

“Thou shall not kill”.

You don’t have to be Christian or Jewish to appreciate the sentiment. This is really one of the first rules of any moral system. It’s at least in the top ten! (HA!)

But seriously, I wondered what we could say on our bracelets that would get CNI’s message out there. Something that would be easily recognized. Something that would show we want to end homicide. We’d really like to stop others from hurting the way we have. And using this particular statement reminds people that they’ve known this rule since they were little children.

We’ve been giving them away for free whenever someone asks for one. And they’ve been going pretty quickly. If you want one, please let me or Bob know, and we will make sure you get one.

They will be free to everyone until after our Birthday Bids and Barbecue fundraiser next weekend.

After that, they will be given to families we serve, and community partners and sponsors. Other supporters can get them for a $1 donation. This money will go toward helping homicide victims.

I’d love to see one on your arm!! I usually have 2 on mine in case someone else might like one… so just ask!!

Gwen Carver

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