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Sweet Victory!

Dearest Corey,

We did it! We found the man that took your life!

So here I am sitting in the dark (now that all of the excitement has faded for the day). And I’m thinking of you.

I’m thinking of your smile.
How pleased you must be.

I can feel you all

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around me tonight.
I smell you in the air.

The next chapter of my life will now begin… Going into the courtroom every day.

Being in the same room as the man that stole your life.

“A Friend” of yours.


Your true friends have bombarded me with love tonight. Friends from across the nation. Relatives.

To know how much you were loved is humbling.

Today I breathe as a free woman again. No longer bound to my home by fear and anxiety.

I love you son. You made me what I am today…

Your mom.

Gwen Carver

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