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So far, we’ve been to two court dates.

The first one was so they could discuss the bond of Corey’s killer.  The second was for him to say “Not Guilty”. Now the third date is set for March 29th… it’s so they can discuss when his trial will begin.

Just like any bureaucratic establishment, they make meetings to make meetings.

I guess this should be driving me crazy.  But it’s not. I don’t care how long it takes, because every day that he’s inside a jail cell is one more day I’m free!!

I’ve been in jail far too long! Inside my home. Wondering who killed my son. Wondering if they knew where we live, and if they would try to hurt another of my loved ones… or even someone else living in my neighborhood (or anywhere for that matter)!

I’m not in jail any more! And this jerk (being polite here) is in a 6×9 cell. With a cot, and a toilet where everyone can see him “doing his business”. Maybe he’s lucky and has a new boyfriend.  🙂

People have been saying that I look like a different woman since his arrest. That I’m relaxed. I smile more freely.

What I find interesting is that the people that I’ve met, helped, or interviewed with are just as excited as I am that he’s off the street! A camera man said that when the news came across the news desk at his station, everyone cheered! Isn’t that amazing?

The police were excited to share the news with me. And our new advocate (yes, we finally got one) is at every court date.

Now I feel comfortable to make larger moves with Corey’s Network. We have just redone our website as you can see. Now we are researching information for a group facilitation program that would include information about initial needs, the investigation, the court process, grief “stages”, and how to work with the media. It’s going to be a new adventure. We are so excited!! Also, now we are making call backs to our clients at specific intervals.

As we go through this terrible situation, we are growing in our strength and determination to help others.

I believe the Lord is with me. That’s He’s always been with me. Watches over me, and will allow me to see justice in Corey’s murder. I thank Him and will always Praise Him for my new found freedom from fear.

I still have anxiety. I won’t lie. I’m worried about what I’m going to do when I see this “jerk” in person. I was told I can’t make any emotional reactions while in the court room.  I’ll be kicked out… because you know the perpetrator has more rights than the victim. My crying or wanting to jump over the railing to throttle him “might” have an affect on the Jury… hmm. We wouldn’t want THAT, now would we?

But for now, that guy is in jail. I intend to do everything I can to keep him there. And I believe they should give him life + 3 1/2 years… for the 3 1/2 years I was stuck in my home!!

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support!


Josefine Nash Nash

One thought to “Freedom!”

  • Christi gray

    March 15, 2017 at 1:18 AM

    Our boys were in ROTC together (TJ and Justin Ojeda) Tj has served in the marine corps and Justin is a firefighter/emt not too far from your home. I think about you all the time. At the different milestones in the boys lives I think of you. I too cheered when the news came of an arrest. Please know that we are with you. Mom’s who knew your son, we support you and Corey’s Network!


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