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I’m Tired.

I’m tired of hearing about death, murder, and other violent crimes.

I’m tired of trying to help someone, only to find there are two more that need help.

I’m tired of drying tears, holding hands, and comforting hurt souls.

I’m tired of speaking out against violence until my throat is raw… only to know someone didn’t listen.

I’m tired of trying to help others understand the pain caused when a life is taken… knowing full well, they can’t.

I’m tired of watching a crime unfold on our news like it’s a sideshow.

I want to rest, God.

I need my sleep.

I cry out to Him for respite, but still my work goes on…

Because without help there are others that will receive no rest… Ever.

I guess I will rest when my life is finished.

Until then, I’ll lean on my Lord.

I will wonder at His Greatness because

He never ceases to deal with all of the things I’m tired of

Every day. Everywhere. For Everyone.

Michelle Metje

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