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And Now it’s Time for The Rest of the Story…

I heard of “Cody” about 10 months before Corey was attacked. That was the name John Dakota Seger gave Corey and his wife.

I was preparing to pick Corey up for school when my phone rang. It was Corey.

He explained that his wife, the neighbors, and he were all drinking the night before, and when he went to the bathroom Cody (his neighbor and sometimes couch surfer) slipped something into his drink.

“Mom, I still haven’t slept, my eyes are still dilated, and I won’t embarrass you or myself showing up to school this way. ” (I taught at his college.)

Now, I have a trust system between the boys and I, and it goes like this…

If Corey had called and said he had been drinking lemonade and his neighbor spiked it, I knew he was lying. Lies were told only if you were trying to hide a truth.

But telling me he was drinking alcohol instead of studying… That was a truth. So I could believe the rest of the story.

I heard of him one more time when they apparently got into a fight where Cody had Corey in a choke hold, and his wife had to beg Cody to let go.

A few weeks later, Corey moved back in with me, Ashley moved to her mother’s. And I heard nothing more of Cody.

Then one day in early July, 2013, Corey came into my bedroom and asked to speak to me.

We sat down, and Corey proceeded to tell me Cody was now homeless and had found out where we live… And that it worried him.

I asked if we needed to take any actions or precautions, and he said “no, ma. I think I can handle it. But if I feel like anyone is in danger I’ll let you know. ”

Two weeks later Corey was dead.

When the detective asked me for any possible suspects I told him Cody.

He told me “Cody” wasn’t enough to go on.

…to be continued…

Michelle Metje

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