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I Need You to Help Me Keep This Man Off the Streets!

Good evening friends, supporters, and followers. Tonight I am going to give you details about my son’s murder and murderer that I’ve never shared here or in the media.

You might ask yourself “why?”

You see, 2 weeks ago, we were informed that John Dakota Seger… the confessed killer of my son… will be receiving his first parole hearing this year.

You see, in taking the plea deal for 9 years, we unwittingly accepted the 2 years of his time in jail waiting for court as time served. That will mean he will have served 1/3 of his term.

Why do I want you to know what happened to Corey?

Because I want you to act. If you are Corey’s friend, or my friend, and have seen how it’s affected us or been affected by Corey’s murder, I want you to write a letter of impact. If you have been moved by my journey through this, I want you to sign a petition once it’s available to keep him in jail as long as possible!

So, here it goes. If you are afraid this description might trigger trauma within yourself, I suggest you stop reading right now.

In the early morning hours of 7/27/2013, Corey was walking home from QT on 39th street in Independence, MO when he ran into John Dakota (Cody) Seger. For some reason they came to sit at the metal picnic tables in the Coventry Estates apartment complex, in an area which has very little lighting.

By the bruising on Corey’s legs (as told to me by the private investigator), he was sitting at the picnic table facing the table.

There was a scratch along the back of Corey’s neck (horizontal) that led to a dime to penny size gouge on the right side of Corey’s neck. I know about the scratch because the detective told me. I know about the gouge because I saw it with my own eyes.

With this information, we can logically surmise his attacker (a right handed man) held a knife to the back of Corey’s neck which startled Corey. This caused him to jump up (bruising his legs on the bench) and possibly shoving the knife into his own neck causing the gouge.

This gouge was deep, but not deep enough to kill him. More than likely Corey’s hand went to his wound, exposing his right side abdomen.

This is when Cody (again a right handed individual) stabbed Corey through his right side… deep enough to go completely through his liver.

He then removed the knife, ran, threw the knife in the wooded area close to them and hid at a friend’s home for 2 days.

Meanwhile, my son screamed for help. People in the apartments near him heard his screams, but could not see him in the dark. Our next door neighbor heard a commotion, and went outside to see what was going on. At that time he saw a group of young adults looking for someone. I believe they were trying to find Corey to help him.

By this time, I believe Corey had struggled his way the 2 blocks to the edge of our yard and fallen down behind his car. (I believe this because the blood hounds lost his scent at this area.) When he fell there, he caused a bit of road rash on his shoulder.

I have no idea how long he laid there.

He gathered his strength, found his way to our back gate (leaving a bloody thumb print) and through our sliding glass door (leaving a bloody print there too). He chose this path because it was the one of least resistance. 3 stairs and an unlocked door is much better than trying to find a key in his back pack, unlocking a door, and trying to enter that way.

Corey then proceeded down the hall, grunting and tapping to get his brother’s attention. By this time he’d lost too much blood internally to be able to speak. Justin originally thought he was drunk.

When Corey reached his room, he took his book bag off his back, and removed his shirt. He was breathing irregularly which alarmed Justin. At that time, Justin checked on his brother. He saw the hole in Corey’s neck and became even more upset when it wasn’t bleeding.

He then ran to my room and raised me from my sleep to help.

When I entered the bedroom, Corey walked out of the bathroom. He bent slightly at his waist and opened his mouth as if he were screaming.

I shouted for him to come to me. He came over and fell down onto his bed in a sitting position. At that point I was able to look at the hole on his neck. The skin had been pushed forward and under the skin in the front. Again, there was no blood. I could see his artery trying to pump blood.

Corey’s eyes rolled back into his head, and he quit breathing and slid down into my lap. I frantically yelled, “DON’T DO THIS TO ME! DAMMIT YOU HAVE TO BREATHE!!”

And he did. As he did, his arms were thrown back so violently his entire top half went across the mattress. At that time I saw the cut on his lower abdomen.

During all of this, Justin was on the phone trying to get EMS to get there ASAP.

I sat there holding my cold, wet, barely breathing boy. I had no clue what had just hit me, nor the storm that was about to come.

Corey died on the way to the hospital. Then in the ER. Then again in the ICU, then finally he had a stroke that took my son from me forever.

My son was not in a fight that night. This was NOT self defense. You cannot hold a knife in your RIGHT hand and stab someone in the RIGHT side of the abdomen in a fight. There were no defensive wounds. No tissue under his nails. No bruises. I saw his wounds. ONLY the surgeon and I saw his abdominal wound. The knife went in from the right side. The thick side of the knife blade was on the left side of the wound (as you looked at it)… which means he stood beside my son and stabbed him.

Since I’ve become more familiarized with Cody, I’ve learned he’s done many more things that he hasn’t paid the price for:
1. He broke into an elderly man’s home, stole some items, ripped the colostomy bag off his leg, and smeared manure all over the man’s walls
2. He stole a car and drove it around a car dealership causing $40,000 in damages
3. He hit a woman and carried her on his hood in a hit and run.

For the first 2, he received probation. The third, he got a 5 year sentence to which he somehow plead down to a 120 day drug rehab. He was out on that when the police caught him in a high speed pursuit, in a stolen vehicle, as a felon in possession of a weapon.

It was only then that the police asked if he killed Corey.

He said yes! That means the other things I just described, some of them were done AFTER Corey was murdered!!

I worked with a woman for a brief period of time that went to high school with “Cody” Seger. He was their bully!!

Do WE want a sociopath such as this to be released after doing 2 years and a few months for murder???

Really? Is that ALL my son’s life is worth?

How about the next man?

Michelle Metje

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  • Jackie Schroer

    February 1, 2019 at 11:29 PM

    Shelly, I will do whatever you need me to do! Keep us posted please!!


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