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My Defiant Weed

Michelle (Shelley) Metje 5/4/14

I have a weed that’s been growing on the north side of my home since I moved in… it’s rather hardy since I moved in March of 1998.

That year, Josh’s father tried to pull it out. He cut it down. He mowed it down. He used a shovel, and dug it up. But still it continued to grow. He battled it every year until we split up… and every year it continued to return and despite his efforts it grew.

When he moved away, I was the only one left to mow the yard. The boys would visit their fathers during the summer, so I will admit I gave up the fight with the weed. I had other more important things on my mind. I had to pay bills, keep my household running, and wallow in self pity.

So while I looked the other way the weed began to grow tall. Its leaves became broad and a beautiful deep green color. Soon I couldn’t cut it down even if I’d tried. Its base was too thick for my mower or even my pruning sheers. And now I can admit that I found comfort in its shade as it grew to be as tall as my home… my defiant weed.

Then one spring I stepped out on my back porch to enjoy the breeze as it came from the north. With the breeze came the most beautiful scent. I looked at my defiant weed as it loomed over the side of my home.

There on its branches were the most beautiful snow-white lilacs.

We are all weeds or lilacs. But that is for us to define. People will try to define us. They will try to mow us down, cut us down, dig us up, throw us away, dismiss us, ignore us, or misunderstand us.

But like my defiant weed it is up to us to know who we are and to grow as tall as we are meant to grow. And to show the beauty we have inside. Despite others efforts to destroy us.

Those that are supposed to appreciate us will. Those that miss it… that’s their loss.

Michelle Metje

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