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Don’t Believe the Myths!

There’s no such thing as closure.

There’s no such thing as moving on.

These are just myths we’ve created to comfort victims of homicide.

But the truth is when you have someone in your life murdered, they are gone for the rest of your life! The only way I’d ever have closure is if my son walked through my front door RIGHT NOW!

But he won’t.

He won’t ever come home again. This is due to the fact that 6 years ago John Dakota Seger took it upon himself to stab my son twice.

Corey Daniel Laykovich was murdered 6 years ago today.
And like I said, there is no moving on or closure.

But there is good news! There IS moving forward!

Yesterday we hosted (with Momma on a Mission) the third annual vigil for the victims of unsolved homicide! We stood shoulder to shoulder with some amazing people! We had the honor of joining with some of the strongest warriors that will not give up until the murders of their loved ones are solved!

What a beautiful way to honor Corey! What an amazing way to move forward!

I love you, son.

I miss you.

I will forever!


Michelle Metje

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