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Happy Birthday

Published by Shelley Cartwright Metje · September 16 · 

Dearest Corey,

Happy 29th birthday.

I know you aren’t here anymore. But more importantly, you were in my arms 29 years ago on this date.

I did my best in raising you. I know I wasn’t perfect… somehow you embraced my craziness and accepted me for who I am.

And through all of our ups and downs, I loved you… without reservation.

I miss your warm hugs. I miss your smile. I miss how you could make me laugh. I miss dancing in the car with you. I miss your goofy faces you’d make. I miss your thoughtful moments. I miss your music played while I made dinner. I even miss how you’d steal something from a hot plate of food and would look surprised when it burnt your mouth.

I miss the Corey only I knew.

I love you, son. I always will.

Happy birthday.

Michelle Metje

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