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Published by Shelley Cartwright Metje · May 28 ·

I often struggle with the environment that’s been created in the Kansas City metropolitan area. One in which 6 homicides can happen on a weekend, and only a fraction of those will be solved.
Even when they are solved, it’s taken longer for the perpetrator to be found, tried, and sentenced than the actual amount of time served…
This isn’t right.
And maybe I’m biased because we live here… and across the nation there are probably more stories of struggle than there are of justice.
I truly believe our world changed when we quit teaching “Thou shall not kill (because it’s wrong)” and replaced it with “Don’t kill because you might get busted.”
Then we stopped “busting” them.
I can’t stand at the ready (like Batman) waiting for a signal. I can’t stop people from killing each other… I wish I could.
I wish there was truth in sentencing.
I wish we had a fair and unbiased system.
I wish…
But we can’t sit around and wish!
What I can do is try to change the system. I can vote.
I’m in control of the way I treat my fellow mankind. I can stand vigilant over my family and teach them why we don’t hurt others.
I can fight for the next person this happens to…
Corey’s Law does this. It cuts down on investigative mistakes, provides a procedure for chain of custody between the hospital and the police, and decreases the chances of vital evidence and years of survivor’s lives being lost.
As this Bill goes into the hearing process, you can make a difference!
You can call, write and email your representatives and ask them to support Corey’s Law! Then you can vote for it to become law!
You’ve seen me struggle through all of this: the murder of my son, the investigation, capture, waiting for trial, court, and sentencing…
So, you should know… this will happen with your support.
I can only change my corner of the world.
You will need to change yours.

Michelle Metje

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