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Parole 3/28/2019

Published by Shelley Cartwright Metje · March 28 ·
The last two days have been exhausting.
We received word yesterday morning that John Dakota Seger would be released in December of 2021… because we hadn’t been at the parole hearing…
So I called the parole board in Jefferson City and asked “what the hell happened!?!”
To which they replied, “Oops! Our bad! This was an oversight… this hearing was supposed to be postponed, and you should have been informed. It looks as though they had the hearing without you!”
I received another call from them about an hour later. They apologized all over themselves, reversed the ruling, and rescheduled it for May 1st.
They called again today after the prosecuting attorney called and gave them his opinion on how this was handled… They sent an email too.

Michelle Metje

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