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The Great Weaver

Published by Shelley Cartwright Metje · August 3 · 

My God is the great weaver of my life…

The Tapestry

A missionary was traveling in the Far East when he came across a booth in a market place.It was a tapestry maker’s booth.

As he walked by he saw a strange sight. There appeared in the tapestry almost by magic, and the missionary asked his guide for an explanation.

“The man you see,” said the guide, “Is a master weaver. He is speaking to his apprentice behind the loom telling him what color thread to use and where to put it.

Only the weaver knows the entire design, so it is vital that the apprentice do exactly as the master commands.”

“Does the apprentice ever make a mistake?” asked the missionary.

“Of course. But the weaver is a very kind man in this case and he will rarely have the boy take out the thread.

“Instead, being a great artist, he simply works the mistake into the design.”

How much that is like our God. We cannot see the pattern of the tapestry God is weaving.

We are on the other side of the loom looking at knotted threads placed seemingly without purpose.

Occasionally we can catch a glimpse of the design, but then as soon as we think we have it pegged the Master calls for a thread which changes every thing.

So, we have to trust the Master Weaver that He knows what He is doing.

And like the apprentice, we too, make our mistakes. We put in a red thread instead of a violet one. We knot it in the wrong place or place it crookedly. And God in His mercy doesn’t unbraid us. Instead, He takes our own mistakes and make them part of the design.

(~Author Unknown)

Michelle Metje

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