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Our Board of Directors


Shelly Schuman
Member Since November 2019
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Michelle “Shelley” R. Norris
Founder and Director of Public Relations
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Robert Norris
Cofounder and Vice President
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Board Members

Deana Carrillo
Member Since March 2017
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Ashley Wellman
Board Member
Member Since August 2017
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Antoinette Madeira
Member Since February 2018
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Jamie Runions
Board Member
Member Since June 2018
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Mary Wilcox
Board Member
Member Since November 2019
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Paige Rackers
Paige Rackers
Board Member
Member Since 2020
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Susan Barnes
Susan Barnes
Board Member
Member Since 2020
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Corey D. Laykovich
9/16/1990 – 7/28/2013


Corey’s Network History

  • In July of 2013, 22 year old Corey Daniel Laykovich was attacked within 3 blocks of his home. This assault resulted in his death, which escalated the crime to murder.
  • After Corey’s murder, his family quickly found out there were no victim’s advocates assigned to surviving victims of homicide (until someone is charged with the crime) in their precinct. Corey’s mother had been in Social Work for more than a quarter of a century, and this information came as a surprise to her. Therefore, after a great deal of research, Corey’s family and loved ones began “Corey’s Network, Inc.… a foundation for hope”. CNI (Corey’s Network, Inc.) was formed on June 1, 2014. It now consist of professionals and cover a wide variety of backgrounds. Each are personally invested in the success of the program.