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Bio – Mary Wilcox

Mary Wilcox is a well-reputed Realtor in the Kansas City Metro. (MO & KS ) As an Expert in the Real Estate industry she continues her education on current trends & processes. Passionate about people she chose to help the little guy. 1st timers that are easily deceived in a complex process of Financing & home-buying. She has successfully served over 400 families in her 11 year career, in many areas of the industry. Before becoming a Realtor, she worked as a Contracted Technical Writer, efficiency, productivity & policies, in private industry & for the government, and executive level Ghostwriter for the Distribution industry.
She has experience in advocacy of children, in the local Division of Children’s Services.
She enhances Corey’s Network in the areas of Community Awareness and Concern, Family Advocacy, Event planning & Funding. She is passionate about assisting families affected by these tragic circumstances, losing a loved one to homicide.
We cannot prevent the actions of the criminals. But we will be there to hold you up, educate you in the investigative process, fully advocate for you & with you, assisting the whole family to the position of being able to move forward in life. We will never forget, but we must pull the family together for their benefit, as well as the community’s.

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