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CNI’s Weekly Grief To Relief Seminar

Corey’s Network hosts the GRIEF to Relief Seminar on Zoom

The purpose of the seminar is to introduce and devilify the people and organizations encountered after a homicide has occurred. We feel that knowlege is power and our sessions will allow you to take the power back.

The workshops cover a different topic each week for five weeks before taking a one week break and beginning the five week cycle again. Attendance is not mandantory and you can attend the sessions that interest you.

  • Week 1 – G is getting to know the services
    • Introduce common terminology
    • Your rights as a surviving victims of homicide
    • What to do when you face the unexpected
    • Coping mechanisms
    • Corey’s Network History
    • Introduce other groups in the metro that are available to help you. As our guest we have representatives from a group to explain their program and give contact info

  • Week 2 – R is for Reporters
    • Media represesentatives will be our guest to talk about their objectives and give out contact info
    • We will outline your rights as a victim when talking to reporters
    • Tips for how to get on TV and what do when you give an interview to maximize your time
    • Media represemtatives will give you more tips and answer questions

  • Week 3 – I is for Investigation
    • As our guest we have detectives, advocates, and law enforcement representatives. They will answer questions and give you contact info
    • They will explain investigation procedures
    • They will explain what makes a suspect eligible to be arrested
    • We will also discuss your rights as a victim
    • Tips on the best way to communicate with your detective and how you can help the investigation will be given

  • Week 4 – E is for Enforcement
    • As our guest we have prosecutors, advocates and probation and parole representatives. They will answer questions and give their contact info.
    • The will tell you the best way to communicate with the prosecutors
    • We will review the common terms used in court and what they mean
    • We will discuss how a case moves from arrest to court
    • We will discuss the what happens in the different court procedings
    • We talk about your rights in court.
    • Sentencing and plea bargaining will be discussed

  • Week 5 – F is for Forward or Moving Forward
    • We discuss moving forward from the worse experience of your life and tips on what changes you can make to get there
    • As our guest we have grief counselors who will give you their contact info in case you are in need of a counselor

If you’ve ever considered attending our workshop and wonder if its for you, see some of the comments below from some of the people who come:

“I think the workshop has not only help me find a way to try to cope with the murder of my brother and finance. But helped bring me to people who have suffered the same loss and gave me a support system. Cory’s network has been there for vigils and the toughest times. It’s not just a group it’s like a family and I appreciate you guys 100%”

“I find the workshop to be informative helpful and comforting. I know it’s designed to be an educational workshop as opposed to a support group. However, I find that it’s also a reassurance that I’m not alone in my loss. It pretty much answers all questions I have or have had regarding coping with and dealing with my son’s murder. The presentation is excellent and shows the knowledge, wisdom, passion and empathy Bob and Shelley have on this topic. I strongly recommend this for those who, like me, are unfortunate enough to be homicide survivors.”

“Coreys network workshops has help me deal with how to learn to “walk again” in this new journey of life. Their support and understanding plays a huge part why I’m still here fighting and finding my new purpose in life. Thank you Corey’s Network!! I’m forever grateful”

“Going to Corey’s Network has allowed me to not feel so alienated, to know I’m not alone. This situation is something nobody ever dreams of and you quickly realize the average person does not know how to react to you, comfort you and at some times even be around you because of the tragedy you’ve experienced. CN allows me to talk to other who DO understand what I’m going through.”

“It was informative and I learned more about the legal system and what my rights are.”

The seminars are all free on Zoom every Monday at 6pm.

If you are interested in attending or have questions, just inbox us on Facebook and we will add you to the messenger group we use to post the zoom link and who the guest will be that week.

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