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Community Affiliates and Partners

Community Affiliates

We work with our Community Affiliates to create a wrap around service for clients. Referrals to Corey’s Network are sent to these Agencies

Ad Hoc Group Against Crime

A meaningful community resource that supports the individuals and their families who are adversely affected by criminal behavior

Momma On a Mission

Organized to help families by providing emotional and community support while seeking legal justice.

Children of Homicide Victims

Provides support and empowerment to children that have lost a parent to homicide.
  • Individual and Group Counseling for children
  • Case Management for children
    For more info about Children of Homicide Victims see their Facebook Page or email them at cohvkc@gmail.com


Mission Statement: To increase the capacity of the community to handle their own disputes non-violently. Our message is simple: Stop Shooting! Start Living! Aim4Peace!
  • An evidence-based public health approach to cure violence in Kansas City.
  • Aim4Peace uses highly trained violence interrupters and outreach staff, public education campaigns, Neighborhood Action Teams and community mobilization to reverse the violence edpidemic in Kansas City, Mo.
  • Aim4Peace works to cure violence, especially retaliatory violence in the Kansas City, MO East Patrol Division, using a public health model and a proactive team of first responders.
  • Aim4Peace is part of the Kansas City Missouri Health Department.
    Click here to visit Aim4Peace or Call (816) 513-1313

Parents of Murdered Children

POMC makes the difference through on-going emotional support, education, prevention, advocacy, and awareness.
  • To support persons who survive the violent death of someone close as they seek to recover.
  • To provide contact with similarly bereaved persons and to establish self-help groups that meet regularly.
  • To provide information about the grieving process and the criminal justice system as they pertain to survivors of a homicide victim.
  • To communicate with professionals in the support fields about the problems experienced by those surviving a homicide victim.
  • To increase society’s awareness of these problems.
  • POMC Chapters hold monthly meetings, provide support, advocacy and court accompaniment.
    Click here to visit POMC or Call 816-850-4200

Grieving Loved Ones Workshop