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Our Services

Financial Support

  • On behalf of families who are unable to bear the expenses, Corey’s Network, Inc. will contribute to the funeral of homicide victims who are unable to pay.
    • Call 816-834-9161 or click HERE to apply for a donation.
  • Crime Victims Compensation is available for families who have been impacted by homicide.
    • Click HERE to access information about the CVC in Missouri and to submit your application.
    • Click HERE to access information about the CVC in Kansas and to submit your application.
  • Corey’s Network will provide help and guidance with fundraisers for the funeral.

G.R.I.E.F to Relief Seminar

  • Our “G.R.I.E.F to Relief” Seminar, held every two weeks, is designed to equip you with the skills to effectively interact with media, law enforcement, and the court system.
  • Additionally, we host a special session focused on navigating life after a homicide has taken place.
  • Esteemed guest speakers from each field will join us to share their insights on resilience and recovery following the loss of a loved one to homicide.
  • Click Here for more info

Kansas City Metro Unsolved Homicides

  • CNI created the flyers to raise awareness of homicides and to pay homage to the surviving victims of homicide who still seek answers and justice.
  • Click HERE to Go To Kansas City Metro Unsolved Homicides.

Grief Counseling Resources

  • If you or your loved ones have tragically been impacted by a homicide, it’s essential to connect with a grief counselor. This action is a critical part of the healing journey. Numerous locations in the Metro Kansas City area provide grief counseling services either for free or at a reduced cost. Click HERE to see a list of providers in the area.

Survivor Resources

  • We can assist in facilitating communication with law enforcement and media outlets.
  • We offer guidance on how to optimally utilize media exposure to maintain the relevance of the case.
  • Call to discuss at 816-834-9161.

Legal Resources

Click HERE to see the following:

  • Crime Victims Rights – State law guarantees crime victims and witnesses certain notification rights and participation in the criminal justice system.
  • Missouri’s Sunshine Law allows citizens to access documents about the case.
  • The True Cost of Homicide

Comfort and Counseling

  • We can customize our services to accommodate the requirements of your family.
  • Call to discuss at 816-834-9161.

Community Affiliates and Resources

  • The strength of Corey’s Network, Inc. is derived from its affiliations and partnerships with numerous community organizations, forming a service network. Click HERE to see the Community Affiliates and Partners.
  • Corey’s Network, Inc. also offers information about various community and social service agencies. To see the list click HERE.

Volunteer Opportunities

Donations To Corey’s Network are Appreciated

  • The operations of Corey’s Network are sustained by the kindness and contributions of the community. Your donation to Corey’s Network, if you’re in a position to do so, would be greatly appreciated.
  • Your donation today will make a difference in the lives of these families and help us sustain our vital work. Please give what you can and join us in our mission to advocate for the survivors of homicide.
  • All donations are tax-deductible.
  • Click Here to donate.
  • We are grateful for your compassion and generosity. Thank you for being part of our community.

Corey’s Network, Inc.’s Calendar of Events

  • Visit our Event Calendar to discover our upcoming activities. Click Here