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Legal Terms

Legal Terms – Terms you should be familiar with

  1. Acquittal: Finding the defendant “Not Guilty”
  2. Arraignment: A hearing where the suspect appears before a judge, is formally accused of the crime, and enters a plea
  3. Bail: Upon payment of a fee set by the judge and a promise to appear in court, the suspect may remain free until the trail
  4. Ballistics: The science of analyzing firearms and ammunitions
  5. Circumstantial Evidence: Evidence that is not conclusive
  6. Closing Argument: The final summary of the case by each side
  7. Continuance: Officially postponing or delaying the trai
  8. Conviction: Finding the defendant guilty of the crime
  9. Dismissal: A decision by the court not to continue the trial
  10. Hearsay: A statement based on information heard from another
  11. Indictment: The formal written accusation of the suspect presented by the Grand Jury after deciding the case has merit
  12. Mistrial: Ending the trial if something happens to jeopardize a fair trial or makes the trial unable to continue
  13. Motion: A request by either attorney that the judge make a decision on a point of law
  14. Noll Prosequi: A decision by the Prosecutor not to continue with the prosecution of a case at this time
  15. Opening Statement: At the beginning of the trial each side presents a summary of what they intend to prove in the trial
  16. Plea: The defendant’s formal answer to the charges
  17. Perjury: A witness intentionally lying under oath. Punishable
  18. Probable Cause: Facts that lead one to reasonably believe that the accused actually committed the crime
  19. Subpoena: A written order to appear in court
  20. Testimony: Oral evidence presented during the trial
  21. Verdict: the final decision of the judge or jury