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Volunteer Job Descriptions

Corey’s Network Survivor’s Workshops (every Monday 6-8pm)

Need two Co-facilitators
  • Be familiar with the material before the meetings
  • Understand our system and the order we do it in.
  • Help in transitioning from subject to subject
  • Build trust with the group members
  • Assist with technology such as power points and pulling up videos
  • Print handouts before the workshops

Chuck E. Cheese Fundraiser for Children of Homicide Victims (Quarterly)

Need One Door Greeter
  • Stand by the door, greet people, and hand out pamphlets and bracelets
  • Direct anyone who has questions towards the individual working at the donation’s table
Need One Donation Informant

Explain information about Corey’s Network and about where the donations will be going. Such as for funerals of children under the age of 12 or for a trust fund for the children or siblings of the homicide victim.

Need One Token Sales Individual

Stand by the token machine and politely ask if parents or children would purchase their token cards at the cash register so that 15% of their money can go to Corey’s Network.

Need One Family Sponsor Valet

When we sponsor a family, proceeds from the night go to them. Once that family arrives you are in charge of getting the gift bags for the kids, the family’s free pizza and drinks, and check in with the family to make sure all their needs are being met.

Hamburger Mary’s Fundraiser (twice a year)

Attention: “Hamburger Mary’s is an open-minded, no judgement establishment that promotes individuality and nonconformity. They are known for their great food, entertainment, and charity fundraising for all communities, especially the LGBTQ community.” There is a possibility you might hear profanity and some of the staff are apart of the LGBTQ community, if any of this makes you feel uncomfortable in anyway we recommend you not sign up to help at Hamburger Mary’s events, but would greatly appreciate your assistance at other events and fundraisers.
Bingo Card Sellers

Two people to sell bingo cards and bring the money to the cash table

50/50 Raffle Sellers

Two people to sell 50/50 raffle tickets and bring the tickets and money to the cash table

Regular Raffle Sellers

Two people to sell regular raffle tickets and bring back the tickets and money to the cash table

Prize Coordinator
  • One person in charge of all the prizes for the raffle winners
  • This includes needing to help prepare the prizes before hand and transporting them to Hamburger Mary’s.
  • You will not be required to purchase prizes.
Two Cash Organizers
  • Keeps the money and tickets for the 50/50 raffle separate from the regular raffle and bingo money.
  • You will be given four buckets all labeled to keep them separate
  • A count of the money at the end of the fundraiser will be required
One Door Greeter

Stand by the door, greet people, and hand out pamphlets, bracelets, and pens.

Fall Fundraiser (November, open house)

We are in need of a committee to help come up with ideas for the event, how to market the event, help run the event, and to look for food donations

We will need to meet at least once prior to the meeting in order to figure out needed details.

Silent Auction Coordinator
  • Live stream auction for bidders not there.
  • Supervise the silent auction, answering any questions, and making sure all bids are a minimum of $5 above the last bid
Video Director

Record the event, edit, and upload the video to Corey’s Network’s YouTube channel.

Scavenger Hunt Coordinator

Help figure out what the participants will be looking for and what the prizes would be.

Game Room Facilitator
  • Know how the games are run, why we do them at the workshops, and encourage people to try and play the games.
  • It would be very beneficial for you to come to at least one of the workshops before hand to see how the games are completed.
Two Chuck E. Cheese Room Facilitators

Help with the games, take care of the children, and help handout pizza. This area allows for kids to be kids again and just have fun. This is very important because children grieve very differently from adults.

Movie Room Facilitator

Hand out popcorn to the participants and answer any questions.

CNI Partners Room Facilitator

Help with getting whatever the speakers need such as water or food, and help answer questions from the participants.

Two Question and Answer Room Facilitators

Filling the beverages; tea, coffee, water, and working the bake sale.

Two Greeter and Sign In People

Supervise entrance and collect money from those who have not paid as well as handing everyone their name tag.

Summer Vigil For Unsolved Homicides

Two People to Set Up
  • Help set up the tent, tables, and chairs.
  • Man the CNI information table.
  • Handout bracelets and pamphlets.
Two People to Sign In
  • Make sign in sheet.
  • Ask participants to sign in.
  • Handout agenda sheets.
Two people to Video and Film
  • Interview participants while on Facebook Live.
  • Take pictures of the event.
General Volunteer

***Bring water, snacks, chairs, Poster boards ***


CNI and AAramark Fundraiser

Chiefs Games Volunteer(minimum of 2 games)
Royals Games Volunteer (minimum of 8 games)

Direct Marketing (2 times per year)

Need Five Direct Marketing Assistants

Painting Rocks with Kay Venyard (December 2nd 6-8pm)

Need Three Rock Assistants
  • Help handout rocks, paint, modge podge (water proof), paint brushes.
  • Scoop out ice cream for clients.
  • General crowd control.

***Everyone is welcome to come to any of these events even if positions are already filled***

***Can give receipts for any donations for tax reimbursements***