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Community Resources

Local groups and organizations are available to offer community support and resources. Explore their services on their websites or reach out to them directly to discover how they can assist you.

12th Street Heritage – Twelfth Street Heritage Development Corporation (TSHDC) is on a mission to improve the quality of life for residents of Kansas City’s most challenged urban neighborhoods: safer, cleaner streets; attractive and affordable homes; thriving businesses; inviting parks and playgrounds; neighbors who know each other.

Benilde Hall Program – To provide services for treating substance use, mental health, and homelessness so that individuals may return to the community as responsible, employed, and permanently housed contributing members of society.

  • Our Programs and Services :
    • Transitional Housing
    • Permanent Housing
    • Mental Health Court / Drug Court
    • Grant and Per Diem Program
    • Emergency Housing Program
    • Safe Haven
  • Address: 3220 East 23rd Street Kansas City, Missouri 64127
  • Phone : Phone: (816) 842-5836
  • For more information see the website at: https://www.benildehall.org

Catholic Charities of Kansas City /St. Joseph – Offers assistance in Mom’s Empowerment, Housing, Employment Services, Financial Literacy and Economic Security, Parenting, Food Pantry, Emergency and Disaster Assistance, and Housing. They have offices in Kansas City, St.Joseph, and Warrensburg. For more information call: 816-221-4377 or go to the website at https://catholiccharities-kcsj.org/

Center for Conflict Resolution – The Center for Conflict Resolution (CCR), formerly the Community Mediation Center, is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization that provides mediation services, facilitation, and training to individuals and organizations. By dealing with conflict in the early stages, CCR has demonstrated that many disputes can be resolved without harm or violence. Schools, businesses, and law enforcement are just some of the many sectors that depend on CCR to help individuals find constructive solutions for potentially destructive problems.

  • Address: 6285 Paseo Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64110
  • Office Hours: Monday – Friday 9 AM – 4 PM
  • Phone: 816.461.8255
  • Email: info@ccrkc.org
  • For more information see the website at: Center for Conflict Resolution (ccrkc.org)

Child Protection Center – The Mission of the Child Protection Center is to build a healthier community by leading the multidisciplinary response to the prevention, identification, and treatment of child abuse and violence.

  • The Child Protection Center provides the following services for alleged victims of child abuse and their families from Jackson, Cass, and a portion of Lafayette Counties in Missouri.
    • Forensic Interviews
    • Family Advocacy and Support Services
    • Mental Health
    • Training
    • Prevent Child Abuse
    • Report Child Abuse
  • Address: 3101 Broadway, Suite 750 Kansas City, Missouri, 64111
  • Office Hours :
  • Phone : (816) 778- 8000
  • Email: admin@cpckc.org
  • For more information see the website at: https://cpckc.org/

Circle of Hope – Offers a wide spectrum of mental and behavioral health services designed to help children and adolescents cope with feelings of grief, sadness, anger, and anxiety after something as traumatic as losing a parent &/or sibling to homicide. For more information call 816-974-4123 or go to the website at HOME | Circle of Hope (circleofhopemo.org)

Community Action Agency of Greater Kansas City – Provides low-income residents of Jackson and Platte counties services that help them become self-sufficient. They offer Food & Toiletry Pantries, a Healthy Homes Program, Supportive Services, Weatherization and Youth Services, and more. You can call the Jackson County office at 816-358-6868 or the Platte County office at (816) 858-5153. You may also see the website for more information at https://caagkc.org/

Community Services League – Assist communities in reaching their potential by providing immediate relief to people in need, assessing their situations, and providing solutions that lead to economic stability. They have programs to help with Nutrition, Shelter, Personal Care, Medical Support, Employment Services, Financial Education and Coaching, Family Stability, Career Services, and more. Call them at 816-254-4100 or see the website at: https://www.cslcares.org/

Connections To Success – Free Service to inspire families to realize their dreams and achieve economic independence by providing hope, resources, and a plan.

  • What Participants Gain:
    • Confidence
    • Direction
    • Workforce Development
    • Personal Professional Development
    • Professional Clothing
    • Mock Interviews and Networking
    • Access to ongoing resources

Heartland Center for Behavioral Change – A 501(c)3, nonprofit charitable organization founded in 1982. The mission is to provide behavioral healthcare and substance use disorder treatment services to help individuals lead healthier, happier, more productive lives. At Heartland Center, we believe that every individual who suffers from an addiction to drugs or alcohol needs professional help at the earliest possible stage.

  • Programs offered :
    • Withdrawal Management
    • Substance Use Disorder Treatment
    • Court Services
    • Community Transitional Unit
    • Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program (SATOP)
    • American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM)
    • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)
  • Address: 1730 Prospect Ave. Kansas City, Mo. 64127
  • Phone : (816) 421-6670
  • Email: info@heartlandcbc.org
  • For more information see the website at: https://www.heartlandcbc.org/

Hope House – Hope House’s mission is to break the cycle of domestic violence by providing safe refuge and supportive services that educate and empower those impacted by domestic violence. Hope House will advocate social change that protects and engenders a person’s right to live a life free of abuse.

  • Programs offered :
    • Emergency Shelter
    • Case Management
    • Transitional & Permanent Housing
    • Therapy
    • Court Advocacy
    • Family Court Advocacy
    • Civil Legal Programs
    • Guardian Program
    • Hospital Advocacy
    • 24-Hour-Hotline
    • Targeted Advocacy & Therapy
    • Co-Responding Advocacy
  • Address: P.O. Box 577 Lee’s Summit, MO 64063
  • Phone: 816-461-4188
  • For more information see the website at: https://www.hopehouse.net/

i.c.stars – Works to activate a technology community of change agents to power social and economic freedom. Working with low-income young adults, providing employment opportunities, and preparing them for community-based advocacy allows us to achieve our social purpose.

  • Since 1999, i.c.stars has been identifying, training, and jump-starting technology careers for low-income young adults who, although lacking access to education and employment, demonstrate extraordinary potential for success in the business world and for impact in their communities.
  • We believe that when young adults focus their talent on technology services and community impact, their success in both increases significantly.
  • Address:1111 Main St, Suite 450 Kansas City, MO 64105
  • Phone: 816-782-8397
  • For more information or to enroll click HERE.

Jackson County Combat – Community is at the forefront of everything that COMBAT stands for and does. We are committed to serving Jackson County as one community. To effectively address violence and drug abuse we must work together, recognizing that what impacts one aspect of this community will affect us all.

  • Address : 415 E 12th Street 9th Floor Kansas City, MO 64106
  • Phone: 816-881-1400
  • Email: combat@jacksongov.org
  • For more information see the website at: https://www.jacksoncountycombat.com/

Jackson County Systems of Care (SOC) – is not just a group or team but rather a family of social service organizations, local government, schools, places of worship, our neighbors, and anyone invested in the lives of all residents across the Kansas City Metro area. for more information call: 816-482-5775 or find them on the web by clicking HERE.

Journey To New Life – Is a collaborative, non-profit organization that facilitates the empowerment of people reentering society from prison or other involvement with the criminal legal system by accepting them as they are and providing emergency assistance, housing, reentry case management, and employment services in a safe and supportive environment.

Address: 3120 Troost Ave., Kansas City, MO 64109
Office Hours: 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Mon. – Fri.
Phone: (816) 960-4808
Email: info@jtnl.org
For more information see the website at: https://www.journeytonewlife.org/

Justice & Dignity Center – Assists and offers resources to all organizations that would like to work together and bring Unity and love to our communities to make a better place for all.

  • Programs include :
    • Community Development
    • Community Resources
    • Emergency Response Squad
    • Housing
    • Seniors First
    • Youth Programs

For more information call: (816) 996-1377 or (816) 996-1211. Visit them on the web by clicking HERE or on Facebook by clicking HERE.

KC Footprints – Currently has three programs and two locations :

  • Outpatient Recovery
    • At Footprints, we extend a hand of support to anyone who wants a better life by maintaining long-term recovery from substance use disorders and homelessness.
  • Veterans Housing :
    • Heroes Home Gate is our transitional living program for male Veterans who are experiencing homelessness. All admissions come through referral from caseworkers with the VA’s Health Care for Homeless Veterans program.
  • Computer Skills Training
    • Through our Wayne D. White Recovery Community Center, we offer a computer lab, computer skills workshops, and training to help members of our community build computer and employment skills.
  • Address: Wayne D. White Recovery Community Center (Outpatient Treatment/Drop-in Center) 4501 Troost Avenue Kansas City MO 64110
  • Phone : Phone: (816) 561-0567
  • Email: info@kcfootprints.org
  • Address: Heroes Home Gate (Transitional Housing for Homeless Veterans) 2017 E Linwood Blvd Kansas City MO 64109
  • Office Hours :
  • Phone : (816) 863-8224
  • Email: wjbailey@kcfootprints.org

KC Metro Crime Stoppers – Encourages members of the community to assist local law enforcement agencies. Citizens can remain anonymous and are eligible to receive a cash reward. For more information click HERE or to submit a tip call 816-474-TIPS

KC Mothers In Charge – Offers support to the families and friends of homicide victims with Homicide Scene Support, Home Visit Support, Funeral Home Visits, Vigils, Family Support Calls, Criminal Justice System Navigation, Individual or Family Counseling, Monthly Support Groups, and Quarterly Meet & Greets. If you have lost someone to homicide you can call them at 816-912-2601 or see them on the web at: https://www.kcmothersincharge.org/

KC Scholars – Provides life-changing financial assistance and support for students and adults to attend college or get career training. By investing in our Scholars’ college education or career credential programs and connecting them with regional employers, we can grow the talent pipeline and ensure a strong regional workforce.

  • The Great Jobs KC program provides short-term training in construction, manufacturing, health care, and IT. Requirements are, to make less than 45k a year, be over the age of 17, and live in the greater KC area.
  • Address: 8080 Ward Pkwy Ste 402 Kansas City, MO 64114
  • Phone: +1 816 581 5700
  • Email: Info@kcscholars.org
  • For more information see the website at: https://kcscholars.org/

LINC Caring Communities – LINC, the Local Investment Commission in Kansas City, serves children, families, and neighborhoods with its Caring Communities programs anchored in after-school programs in KCPS, Hickman Mills, Grandview, Center, and NKC schools. LINC provides broad and creative services, supporting families’ needs including food distribution, help obtaining rental and utility assistance, foster youth transition services, career and education support for families on TANF, access to legal aid, technology and digital inclusion support, and family wellness checks.

  • Address: 3100 Broadway Blvd. Suite 1100, Kansas City, MO, United States, Missouri
  • Office Hours: Mon -Fri 8 am to 5 pm
  • Phone : (816) 889-5050
  • For more information see the website at: kclinc.org

Mattie Rhodes Center – Nonprofit agency celebrating its 127th year of serving the Greater Kansas City community. We are committed to building a stronger city by working toward the vision of living in a vibrant community where all individuals and families are healthy, safe, and have the resources to thrive. Mattie Rhodes Center provides a holistic approach to individual and family well-being through social services, behavioral health counseling, and the arts. Mattie Rhodes is the only fully bilingual/bicultural, nationally accredited, and state-certified behavioral health care provider in the Greater Kansas City region.

Our staff provides culturally competent programming in the following five areas:

  • Family Services & Support (behavioral health, family violence, in-school services, substance abuse outpatient treatment)
  • Youth Development (afterschool programs, art, and soccer programs, supportive living)
  • Community Support (health and wellness, economic development)
  • Cultural Arts (arts education, exhibits, and collections)
  • Public Safety: Mattie Rhodes is the COMBAT Strivin’ Hub for the Northeast area of Kansas City, Missouri. Works alongside Partners for Peace to support victims of violence, specifically, but not limited to, Spanish-speaking individuals and families.
  • Address: 148 N. Topping Ave. Kansas City, MO 64123 Hours :
  • Phone: 816-471-2536
  • For more information see the website at: https://www.mattierhodes.org/

Operation Breakthrough – Not-for-profit corporation providing a nurturing and safe environment for children of the working poor that began in 1971 by Sister Corita Bussanmas and Sister Berta Sailer. The organization responded to the need for quality child care and provided a nurturing and safe environment for children in poverty. Operation has grown and expanded over the years but the vision has been for all children to have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Operation Breakthrough is a full-day and year-round education center for children 6 weeks to 18 years. of age, open 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. For questions about enrolling your child at Operation Breakthrough call our Intake Coordinator at 816.329.5227.

Programs – They house several innovative programs that provide youth in poverty the assistance, education, and resources they need to thrive.

  • Educational Programs – Operation Breakthrough provides hands-on learning experiences with supportive teacher interactions.
  • Health – We’re committed to providing quality health and wellness resources to allow children to develop to their full potential.
  • Parent Programming – Our parents are provided with a variety of opportunities designed to help promote healthy family relationships.
  • Address: 3039 Troost Ave. Kansas City, MO 64109
  • For more information click HERE.

Poetry for Personal Power – has proven that education, advocacy, peer support, and the arts are revolutionary tools that can help peers make sustainable changes in behavioral health care. Our evidence-based programs work towards helping people to rebuild themselves and when people are built up, we can build healthy, recovery-oriented communities. For more information call (800) 394-9104 or see them on the web at Poetry for Personal Power | Arts | Health Advocacy | United States

Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center – At locations around the Metro, they offer primary medical care for patients of all ages. They provide Adult, Senior, Adolescent, Children, and Infant Health, Imaging and Labs, Podiatry, Dental, Mental Health, and much more. Call them at 816-474-4920 or see the website at https://samrodgers.org/

United Way of Greater Kansas City – Maintains a database of resources including Housing & Utilities Assistance, Health & Dental Care, Employment & Public Assistance, Food, Clothing & Household Items, Pregnancy, Parenting & Family Health, Consumer, Legal, Safety, Transportation, Mental Health & Addiction, Education, Military & Veterans, and Disability Support and much more. Call them for referrals at 211 or go to the website at: https://www.unitedwaygkc.org/

Reconciliation Services – Has served alongside our neighbors in the urban core of Kansas City, MO, for 30+ years. Desiring to accept the challenge to “love thy neighbor,” we approach each person with dignity and love, seeing them as made in the image of God. Our programs strategically address community needs for affordable food access, safe environments to gather to combat social isolation and build positive community connections, and increased access to social and mental health services that lead to improved health and self-sufficiency.

  • They provide the following :
    • The REVEAL (Restore-Engage-Value-Encourage-Act-Lead) Program offers a comprehensive approach to individual and community healing through essential social services, case management, and therapeutic services.
    • Thelma’s Kitchen is a nonprofit, mission-driven cafe. When you purchase our Box Lunches and Catering Trays, YOU HELP provide social & mental health services and reduce food insecurity for KC neighbors in need. For more information go to the website at : https://www.thelmaskitchen.org/
    • The Reconciliation Services Foster Grandparents Program connects low-income volunteers age 55 and over with opportunities to provide one-on-one mentoring, nurturing and support to children with exceptional needs, or who are at an academic, social or financial disadvantage. They are there to help the kids of our community in a caring and consistent way, but they are also improving their well-being.
    • The Social Leader Program provides transformational and experiential leadership training – addressing issues affecting your employees that relate to the difficulties surrounding trauma, equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Address: Temp Space during renovation 1006 Linwood Blvd. Kansas City, Missouri 64109
  • Phone : (816) 931-4751
  • Email: info@RS3101.org
  • For more information see the website at: https://www.rs3101.org/

reStart – Offers a full range of services for youth, individuals, veterans, and families experiencing homelessness in Kansas City. We provide a continuum of housing services that include emergency shelter, transitional living, and permanent housing. reStart is equipped to handle all persons, including those with special needs and we offer the tools, assistance, and support to help our clients exit homelessness and enter permanent housing.

  • Address: 918 E. 9th ST. Kansas City, Mo. 64106
  • Office Hours :
  • Phone: 816.472.5664 or Youth Hotline : (816) 309-9048
  • For more information see the website at: HOME | reStart 2023 (restartinc.org)

Rose Brooks Center – The mission of Rose Brooks Center is to break the cycle of domestic violence so that individuals and families can live free of abuse. Rose Brooks Center envisions a world free of violence. We will serve as a leader of innovative comprehensive family violence services, sharing our legacy of hope through advocacy, education, and empowerment. They provide Emergency Shelter, Therapy Services, A Children’s Program, Housing And Economic Advocacy, and more.

Synergy Services – Our comprehensive care model is complex, but our mission is not. We take action to create a community free of family violence. Through our trauma-informed programs that address root causes of violence, we’re healing individuals who in turn create strong families and safe communities. Every client is offered the full range of our services, whether they connect with us through one of our emergency shelters, benefit from our comprehensive family therapy department, take part in a support group, or work with one of our school-based advocates. They build resilient individuals, strong families, and safe communities by :

  • Resolve Crisis
  • Provide Safety
  • Promote Healing
  • Build Strength
  • Effect Change

Contact info:

Swope Health – Swope Health provides primary health care and behavioral health services throughout Greater Kansas City. Swope Health improves the health and wellness of the community by delivering accessible, quality, comprehensive patient care.

  • Their services and resources include :
    • Medical Care
    • Dental Care
    • Behavioral Health
    • Children’s Services
    • Women’s Heathcare
    • Transportation and Financial Help
  • Address : 3801 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard Kansas City, MO 64130
  • Office Hours : Mon – Fri from 8am to 5pm
  • Phone : 816-923-5800
  • Email : info@swopehealth.org
  • For more information see the website at : https://swopehealth.org/

The Help(KC) Reentry Program – The HelpKC is a local non-profit organization in Kansas City that supports women who have been impacted the criminal legal system. Our transitional supportive housing program The Help House (THH), offers a cutting-edge “Renters Too HomeOWNERship” Program for women who are at the intersection of homelessness and are experiencing financial hardships. Our program offers long-term sustainability options; wraparound supportive services to women who are currently unhoused, facing homelessness, formerly incarcerated, formerly evicted and/or financially unstable.

  • Address : 31 W. 31st St., Kansas City, MO. 64108
  • Phone : (816) 227-6020
  • Email : info@thehelpkc.org
  • For more information see the website at : https://www.thehelpkc.org/

Urban League of Kansas City – The Mission is to enable African Americans and other disadvantaged persons to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power, and civil rights.

What we do:

  • Ensure that our youth are well-educated and equipped for economic self-reliance.
  • Help adults attain economic self-sufficiency through jobs, entrepreneurship,
    and wealth creation.
  • Assist in ensuring access to quality affordable healthcare for all.
  • Secure civil rights by removing barriers to equal participation in the economic and
    social mainstream.
  • Advocate and educate on social justice and reform.
  • Address : 1710 Paseo Boulevard Kansas City, Missouri 64108
  • Office Hours :
  • Phone : 816.471.0550
  • For more information see the website at : https://www.ulkc.org/

University Health Trauma Informed Care – University Health specializes in treating not only physical trauma, but we are also experts in helping people heal the “invisible wounds” of trauma—the way trauma impacts the brain, behaviors, beliefs, emotions and relationships of not only primary survivors but also of those who care for them.

Veterans Community Project Kansas City – An innovative community of 49 tiny houses for Veterans experiencing homelessness. The homes range in size from 240 to 320 square feet, meet all local city code requirements, and connect to city utility services. Approximately 70% of the Village construction was performed by community volunteers. The VCP Outreach Center provides a variety of support services to Veterans in the Kansas City metro area.

  • Walk-in services include:​
    • Food and Hygiene Kits
    • RideKC Veterans Pass
    • 4th Wednesday Commissary (7:30 am – 3 pm)
      • Food, clothing, and other items, free of charge ​
  • Services by Appointment include:
    • Rent/Utility Assistance
    • Career Coach/Employment Supports
    • Discharge Upgrade Services
    • Military Documentation Services
    • Counseling Referrals
    • Housing Referrals
    • Case Management
    • Dental Care
    • Other needs
  • Emergency Assistance Funds
    • VCP provides financial assistance and case management to Veterans in the Kansas City area who are experiencing a financial crisis, prioritizing those at risk for homelessness.

Who Dunnit Sisters – Kansas City True Crime Podcast on unsolved murders and missing person cases. They produce quality and insightful stories of the victims and outline the circumstances around the crime.
Click HERE to view information for the Who Dunnit Sisters

Click HERE for Community Affiliates and Partners.