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Six Month Anniversary

Six months ago tonight, I was packing my bags for a short trip to Omaha. Bob decided to surprise me. He’d booked the room and bought tickets to a baseball game (you know the team that feeds into the Royals). Josh was out of town, and the two older boys could fend for themselves at home.

He told me to choose where we would go while we were there. I was looking up my choices when my phone rang. It was Corey’s number. I answered, and heard him talking with some friends. I realized he didn’t intend to call me.

I hung up and texted him, “Butt-dial much?” I received no response and continued my search. I chose a museum and a botanical garden.

We were going to leave at 6:00 am. So I went to bed early. It was going to be a lovely weekend.

At 2:00(ish) Justin banged on my bedroom door. He frantically told me that his brother looked like he’d been cut on the neck… it didn’t seem to be bleeding much, but he was afraid it might be life threatening.

I ran upstairs while Justin called 911. Corey had been staying in the Master bedroom. When I walked in, he came stumbling out of the bathroom. I remember grabbing his arm to try and get him to sit down. He was cold. Sweaty.

Instead of sitting, he crumbled into my arms. As Justin explained to the 911 operator what was happening, Corey quit breathing.

“Damn IT! Don’t do this to me!! BREATHE!!” He took a huge breath. It threw his body back, and that was when I saw the cut on his abdomen.

Every month that my son’s murder goes unsolved, I relive this memory.

Who am I fooling? EVERY DAY I relive this. EVERY DAY that this goes unsolved, I face the fact that I held my son as he died.

Please, Lord. PLEASE… Move the person that did this to my son to confess. Move a witness to come forward.

Help me create a new memory. A memory where I can relive the day justice was served… over and over.

Gwen Carver

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